Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Making It Count

Unfortunately, my summer vacation is quickly dwindling down, so we're trying hard to make the last few weeks count. Here is a little bit of the summer fun we've been having.
Madigan and I try to run to the park every once in a while. Well, I run. Madigan kicks her feet up in the jogging stroller and talks for the entire two miles. She doesn't seem to care whether or not I respond. She just wants to talk... I'd say who she got this from, but every time I make a comment like that on the blog, I have to hear about it from Gee Gee. So, I'll just leave it up to your imagination.
Anyway, we're very lucky to have such a great park so close to our house. Madigan's favorite part is the Choo Choo Train Slide. Here are a few pictures I got of her on it.
What a ham!Serious face
Can I go in, Mom?

Posing on the steps
This picture is a little bit scary - too close up after sweating too much in the Arkansas sun! But, Madigan thought it was cool that we could take a picture of ourselves and I thought it turned out cute of her.
Another cool part of the park is going "HIIIIIIIIIGH" on the swings. Make sure you note the VERY girly squeal at the end...

These are some pictures taken before we went hopped on the boat at the lake... oh wait a minute, no it's not. That's just Madigan wearing her new Barbie life jacket around the house ALL DAY LONG! She thinks it's part of her dress-up costumes.

Last but not least, a couple of pictures of Madigan and Mommy's favorite summer activity. Eating snow cones!!!
Say Cheese!
I've got some other pictures to post of the fun projects we've been doing with the kiddos that I keep, but I'll save those for another time.
Have a great week!

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What cute pictures!!!