Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pullen Park

We arrived home on Sunday night from a wonderful trip to North Carolina to see Ted's family. As I was sorting through all of the pictures we took from our camera and theirs, I realized that we have a LOT of pictures (big surprise!). So, I decided I would just post small pieces of the trip at a time to keep one entry from being so long. With that said, here's Part 1 of our trip!
The first day we were there, we went to a really cool park on the NC State campus (I don't really know if it's part of the university or not, but there's campus all around it.) It had all of the fun things of a normal park (slides, swings, etc), but also had this neat, old carousel. Madigan was a little hesitant at first, but she ended up enjoying the ride. The hardest part was picking which animal to ride on...
the horse,
the tiger,the giraffe,or the ever-popular... pig!
In the end, we went the traditional route and rode the horse.I had a video to post of the ride, but for some reason You-Tube had a different idea and isn't cooperating. I'll make my computer-dork... I mean, computer-genius husband help me out with it later :).

As if that wasn't enough excitement, the next stop was to ride on a train around the park. Madigan really got into the waving to all of the people - she has quite a "parade wave" :)
Quick family picture on the train...
After that, Madigan got to explore the rest of the park. "Aunt Kate, check this out!"Even the adults played a little..."Come on Gramps. Give me a turn!"We had a lot of fun and remember, this was just day one! Stay tuned for the rest of the weekend...

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Rick said...

Hey, cute pics! Looks like you guys had a fun time!

Apparently, the Cubs fan line worked. I survived the cut, though he let 215 in instead of the aforementioned 100. Still, I'm feeling pretty good about being "friends" with a real-life liberal.
I'm maturing!

Amy (White) Morgan came by the other day. She and her husband were traveling from Colorado to Atlanta for a wedding or something.

Everything good with you guys?