Monday, July 28, 2008

The Wonder Place

There's a really cool place for kids in Little Rock called "The Wonder Place". It's set up similar to a children's museum and has tons of activities for kids. We had been once before for a birthday party, but Madigan was pretty young and really only liked the water table. Our friend Laura found out that this past Friday was The Wonder Place's anniversary and they were opening for a few hours in the evening and it only cost $2 per person. So, we took advantage of the special and I'm so glad we did. Madigan had a BLAST!! Especially since she got to explore everything with her best buddy Jenna...
"Let's check this out..."
One of the cool things about the place is that they take everyday scenes and make them "kid-sized". So, Madigan gets to try out those things that she sees Ted and I do on a regular basis. Things like...
ShoppingSmall Talk with Peers
"Can you believe the price of milk these days?!!"Playing the Piano
But she also just got to be a kid and have fun!
This is the much-loved water table (although the fake fish kind of freaked me out...)There was also a dress-up area and stage. Madigan, of course, loved that. She walked into the area and went directly to the... purses
Ready to put on a show
And once again, the big kids had just as much fun as the little kids. Hey Dwayne & Ted, you have to let the kids play too...
Thanks Mrs. Laura for including us! We had a wonderful time!


zack said...

Great pictures! Love and miss y'all a lot too. Can't wait to get started at Sunset. Y'all are great friends. Thanks for the comment on my blog as well. God bless. Grace and Peace.

Rachel said...

What a fun place! She looks like she had a blast!!