Saturday, July 12, 2008

N.C. Trip - The Finale

Okay, I'm going to attempt to get the rest of the pictures posted from our N. Carolina trip last weekend. Bear with me - it might be a long one!

4th of July
Some friends of Ted's parents have a 4th of July party every year. Since we were visiting, we got to attend/crash it as well. It was a lot of fun with a LOT of wonderful food. Plus, Madigan got an opportunity to wear her "Red, White and Blue" dress that GeeGee bought for her. :)
Here's a pre-party picture with Grandi...
They had a lot of fun things for the kids to do at the party, including a sand box, swings, a slide, a tunnel, etc. In fact, Madigan kept asking to go back to the "park" after it was over!Ted and I spent time visiting with some people we went to Harding with, while Madigan made friends with some people closer to her age.
It was a lot of fun! Thanks to the Safleys for letting us join in!

The Outfits
No trip to North Carolina would be complete without some new clothes/accessories for Madigan.

Here are some cool shades Aunt Kate bought her...
This was one of my favorites (note: that's meant to be sarcastic). Gramps and Aunt Kate went to get Madigan out of bed after a nap and came back with her looking like this...
Yes, that's a pink ballerina outfit that says "Twinkle Toes". Sure can't wear that on a ball field...
Then another day, Gramps came in with her wearing this shirt. It says "Buckeyes Cheerleader-In-Training". When he bought it, he told the woman at the store that his daughter-in-law wasn't going to care much for it. She said, "Oh, is she not a Buckeye fan?" and he replied, "no, she's not a cheerleader fan". :)
Later that day, Madigan unearthed some fun hats in the basement. She was thrilled with her "Pirate hat", but insisted that everyone else join in the fun. Alright, I won't lie - Ted and I kind of liked our hats too!And last but not least, while this isn't really an "outfit", I think it counts for accessorizing. Aunt Kate was ready with her nail polish to paint Madigan's toenails. Unfortunately, it wasn't fast-drying polish and Madigan ended up with a bright pink streak up her leg. Oh well, she thought it looked pretty cool!

The Toys

Grandi and Gramps always have new toys for Madigan to play with on her visits. This time, she got to help Grandi water her plants with her own watering can.
Then, Gramps brought out a really cool train that was just her size. It ran around the track whenever she turned the handle!
She even took her buddies Dora and Benny for a ride!
Here's a cute video of her driving the train. Note her face when it starts going backward!

Gramps had also fixed her up a cool tricycle. He painted it John Deere green and yellow to spite her other granddad (Pa) who prefers the red tractor. :)She really liked it, but had to fight Daddy to get a turn...

Family Pictures

After we got in from church on Sunday, we captured a few pics while everyone was dressed up.

How did we get Madigan to smile so pretty for the last two pictures? Umm... I bribed her with a Ring Pop. It's amazing what a cheesy smile she'll give if you're waving candy behind the camera!
We had a fantastic trip and can't wait to do it again! Thanks Grandi, Gramps and Aunt Kate!


Rachel said...

Glad you had such a good trip! Great pictures!!

Jeff and Mindi said...

I never thought YOUR daughter would be wearing a frilly tutu! I love it! =)

The 2nd to last picture where you are weating a blue shirt- that's such a great picture of you!

Zack said...

Loved the pictures! So glad the vacation was so much fun!
And thank you for the comment on my blog as well. Camp Hunt was a blast! I walked around the camp facilities and saw that a ton of people who have attended the camp over the years have signed their names on the walls, chairs, benches, and so on over the years. I read some of them and noticed some people we know from Harding who attended the camp when they were teenagers (like Eric Willamson, Jon Singleton, Katie Meeks, and Kristen Meeks). That was awesome! Jon was the co-director for the summer too. I'm glad to have had the chance to go and hope to again in the future. So glad y'all are doing well. God bless. Grace and Peace.

Brian and Katie Whitt said...

hey Allison! Thanks for your link! I'm so glad we (well, mainly me, but I do let Brian know what's going on) can catch up on your lives!