Thursday, July 10, 2008

Photo Shoot

North Carolina trip - Part 2

While we were in N.Carolina, Grandi arranged for Madigan to get her pictures made at this really neat, kid-friendly portrait studio. The best part of it was that they just snapped pictures of her doing her own thing - something Madigan is great at doing. :) The pictures turned our really cute and my favorite part was that if you ordered a certain amount of pictures, you got the CD with all of the shots on it. So, here are a few of them!
Grandi gave her this blue dress and the rocking chair has been in their family for years (although Madi has decided it's "Madigan's chair")This isn't one of her best pictures, but I thought it was funny! I told Gramps that she looked like him in this picture :)
The place also allowed for outfit changes, which was really nice. This is a dress Aunt Kate picked out.

Grandi had asked me to bring some of Madigan's "favorite things" for her to play with in the pictures, so of course I included her bat and glove. :)
This is my favorite picture from the whole session. I think it looks like she just hit a walk-off home run! (although I'm not sure why she would have her glove in her hand...)
Thanks Grandi and Gramps!


Stephanie said...

Adorable pictures! I love the last one too!

Rachel said...

Great pictures!!!

Jeff and Mindi said...

It's neat how they captured her personality! She's beautiful, Allison!