Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Surprise Baby Shower

Back to the world of blogging. It's been a while! Just a quick update, we're now less than 1 month away from the due date for Baby Paxton. That's right - he has a name now. Woo hoo! There should be more posts coming soon as we get closer to his arrival and especially after he arrives. And whenever Madigan does something we find funny and want to share with the world. But for now...

Last Wednesday, the school psychs had a meeting scheduled with our supervisor. I rushed back to the office at turbo speed to make it on time and arrived to find this...
What's going on? We don't usually have refreshments at these meetings. Oh wait a minute - this is a surprise baby shower for Paxton! I never knew my co-workers were so sneaky...or so dishonest. Seriously, I can't even list the number of lies they told me that day. :)
Okay - you got me!
This is an adorable fruit basket that Melissa created. The wheels of the "carriage" and the ribbon were baseballs. Love it!Not only did we got to NOT work for an hour and eat really good food, but there were also presents! I like this shirt - "Too cool for my crib". That probably won't be as funny when he decides he really IS too cool for his crib.
This is the softest snuggly bear I have ever felt. Madigan actually asked if she could sleep with it until Paxton got here. :)
And of course, a baseball outfit. My favorite part - the baseball on the butt!
The spread of presents - As you can tell, Paxton is set when he decides to arrive.

Some of the teachers and administrators from my schools came to help celebrate. These ladies are a large part of the reason I love my job and I'm so glad they were able to "sneak away" to join us.
These are the school psych interns who initiated and planned the shower. Yes, they're getting an "A" this semester. :)
And a picture of all of the school psychs, minus Sandy who couldn't be there and Melissa who managed to escape just before pictures started. Hmm...
It was a wonderful shower and I am so grateful to these ladies for all of the effort they put into it and for the fantastic gifts! I love you all!

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